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Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah dan Ingin liburan ke Karimun jawa dengan aman dan nyaman? Ingin Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah dan gak murahan? Hubungi Kami Raja Karimunjawa Tour And Travel di +6282-312-345-399 dan PIN BB 582C8543. Untuk Book diupayakan maksimal 1 bulan sebelum pemberangkatan karena tiket kapal sangat terbatas. llebih cepat book lebih baik. ayo segera merapat kesini.

Harga Paket Wisata Karimunjawa dari kami sangat terjangkau bagi anda pecinta traveller karimunjawa. Kami Tour Karimunjawa Island Memberikan Kenyamanan bagi anda memilih tour wisata karimunjawa dengan menginap sesuai keinginan anda dan sesuai biaya yang anda kehendaki. Dibawah ini merupakan daftar harga paket wisata karimunjawa 2016 yang kami berikan kepada anda. Untuk harga paket tour karimunjawa murah di kami sangatlah terjangkau bagi anda.
Paket Wisata Karimunjawa Murah tapi mewah, murah tapi gak murahan.
Yang kami beri bukan janji tapi bukti
Kepuasan wisata karimunjawa anda adalah kebahagia'an dan tujuan kami.
Terimakasih telah mempercayakan liburan anda bersama kami, ayo segera pesan Paket Wisata Karimunjawa.

Places of interest on karimunjawa

Tour Karimunjawa - Places of interest on karimunjawa

* Big Cemara Island Karimunjawa
“Under water Paradise” is the match word for this island. The very clean water, beautiful fish, wonderful coral reffs, white sand at the sea lip and the pine jungle will really hold you stay here longer to enjoy more. This island is not occupied by human and has only pine jungle. Aren’t you interested to go there?

* Litle Island karimunjawa
Litle Island means “small island”, this island is small like its name. It is only 2 hectares square and belongs to a rich couple and there are some wooden cottages for the owners to relax. It has very clean white sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and coconut trees. Its name is Small Island but it has big exotism and it is the right place to escape from being bored and tiredness of routine activities.

 * Karimunjawa Island
This is the main island of this islands, occupied by friendly fishermen. As the main tourist destination in Central Java, this island offers all beauty and is ready to welcome visitors  with good fascilities such as good food stalls, tour guides, simple and cheap hotels, homestays, and even luxurious hotel provided for high class tourists. You may choose which one you like best.

* Big Menjangan island Karimunjawa
Lies not far from the main island, Karimunjawa, usually reached using fisherman boat. There are two shark breeding pools where you may test your adrenaline by swimming in those pools with the sharks. Do you want to try? This is the place for you.

* Litle Menjangan Island Karimunjawa
Calm and warm water as the typical of tropical sea make this island become very popular spot to snorkel in the island of Karimunjawa. Yes, the beauty of under water life makes people lazy to leave this island. Eventhough you are not yet smart in swimming, you still can enjoy snorkeling using our snorkel equipments like; life jacket, fin, and snorkel if you do not bring them yourself.

* Midle Island Karimunjawa
Pulau Tengah is another very cool island belongs to a rich couple covers the area of  4 hectares you should visit. There are two snorkel spots near this island. Owning beautiful white sandy beach and beautiful coral reffs in the sea bottom add its exotism. By Wisata karimunjawa